Arcoplan Studio associato di Ingegneria e Architettura

Founded in 2009 through a collaboration between Anna Artuso, architect, and Elena Cossu, civil engineer, Arcoplan is an associate firm active in the field of architectural planning and design in the fields of residential and commercial construction (houses, gyms, shops and offices) extending to major environmental protection works.
The firm has developed specific expertise in the residential sector relating to both new buildings and complete renovations, with articulate projects featuring the redesign of internal spaces, choice of materials and finishings, including details relating to made to measure furniture viewed as an integral part of the work.
Arcoplan represents a guarantee for those seeking a “tailor-made” project: from initial planning together with the client to careful assessment of the authorisation process, from selection of the workforce to a meticulous management of the budgeting stage, the Studio is denoted by its care and continual presence throughout all building stages. Moreover, the Studio is engaged in safety management throughout the planning and construction stages.

Over the years, Arcoplan has also acquired specific expertise in the field of major environmental engineering works, with the aim of developing a Waste Architecture section. Waste Architecture is a planning and design topic relating to the Architecture and Territorial Planning of works for the management and disposal of wastes by means of projects ranging from large scale (landfill, incinerators, treatment facilities) to urban and peri-urban scale (waste collection systems, centres for the recovery and reuse of materials, etc…).
The firm therefore focuses on works and products that produce a marked environmental, territorial, economic and social impact, all of which constitute a well-known topic proven to be particularly sensitive for Society. Accordingly, the definition of carefully targeted political and design strategies are crucial to ensure that society gains full awareness of the essential nature of these works in protecting quality of the environment and the territory, capable of producing significant repercussions on quality of life.
In this specific sector, Arcoplan undertakes planning, consultancy and study projects thanks to experience gained in the functional requalification of landfills, project design for environmental remediation, reintegration of degraded areas, reuse centres, integration of pneumatic waste collection systems in an urban context and in the architecture of buildings to be used in the preselection of wastes and composting plants.

Anna Artuso, graduated in Architecture from the IUAV in Venice, has worked for more than twenty years as a designer and works supervisor in the field of building renovations, with a particular passion for construction site management.

Elena Cossu, graduated from the University of Cagliari and PhD in Civil and Territorial Engineering from the University of Bologna, has been involved since 2002 in building works and operations of environmental recovery providing professional services, consultancies and planning and design projects. Elena moreover is involved in the coordination of construction site safety and operations, with careful time management throughout all project stages.